Do you think that he will text me back?

I texted my ex-boyfriend about an hour ago to see if he would reply. I knew he was up to get a new phone so, which happened to be some time the past week. He claims that he lost his contacts, and didn't know who it was. Although, I am the only one he really knows who has a 443 number instead of a 717 number. The conversation went like this...

Me: "Hey"
Him: "Hi. Who is this I got a new phone?"
Me: "It's Kayla"
Him: "Ohhh hi"
Me: "Whatchya doin?"
Him: "Um at class. But so did you want something or just want to talk. I'm confused."
Me: "To talk :) Is that okay?"
Him: "I don't know. But I have class so I can't now."
Me: "Okay, just text me after okay? :)"
... Read 5:49 P.M.

Is it possible he will text me back later? Does it seem like he's putting up that "bad boy" front to make me think that "he doesn't care".


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  • First, I wouldn't expect people to remember you by your area code. Even I, an app developer and total nerd, don't do that. Second, I would guess not. In the line "I don't know..." he makes it seem like he doesn't really want to talk to you. Thats my opinion though. Don't quote me.

    • I feel like he's just trying to hide the fact that he does care. It seems he cares more about his own feelings than he does mine.

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    • I'm saying I feel like he's hiding his feelings. I feel that he does care, but doesn't want me to know that. I feel like he's trying to help me get over him.

    • I see. What I would do is just straigt out ask him. Dancing around the bush doesn't do anybody any good. Just ask "Hey are you trying to help me get over our breakup? Because (I don't need it./Thank you, it's helping me.)

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