It's my first random hookup, I don't know what to expect next!?

So I met this guy at a club, we had a blast that day, exchanged numbers. We went out on a date the next day and we kissed, we spent all day talking about our lives and likes and dislikes and our families, a typical date. On the third day we hooked up, and it was great but I've only been with 2 guys before, and I've known them much longer before we got to the next level. I feel like I rushed this time, and I don't want him to think that I just wanted a hookup, I really like him. Good thing is he's been texting and calling me everyday, he doesn't live in the same state, but he seems really interested in me. But I'm thinking maybe I'm just stupid and he's only talking to me so he could have a chance of hooking up with me again. I never had a random hookup so I don't know what to expect! Do you think he genuinely likes me? Thanks in advance for your help!


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  • Well just as long he keeps talking and texting then it shows he is still interested.It does suck that he lives in another state. Just as long you guys keep communicating with each other then thigns should work out.I think once the phone calls and texts slow down then maybe he lost interest.Im hoping thigns work out.Sometimes when people hook up to fast sometimes that is all what it ends up ebing a hook up.But their is potential that this can work out.


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  • Sounds like you had sex on your 3rd date. That does not qualify as a random hookup. That's actually pretty normal, between grown adults.

    There's no way of knowing if he likes you, or even if you like him, at this point. Time will tell.


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