Mixed Signals Decoding Guys - - he doesn't call it dating. Are we friends or is there something more down the road?

He worked where I do for like 4 mos and we got along really great. He'd always come into work and ask me why more girls weren't like me and tell me that he was glad I was so chill. One time we had a work meeting, you can wear street clothes if it's not your work day, & he totally stumbled all over himself trying to tell me I looked really nice. Then about week or so after that he invited me out with his friends on the weekend and we all ended up at his place for beers. His friends excused themselves by about 1130 & we chatted & played video games until almost 2am.

At this point he had a sorta girlfriend... It was complicated. He was having trust issues with her.

Work went on for a week. Then he wanted to make plans with me to for St Patrick's day. & this is where we started to text more regularly - but not everyday.

But he had to quit because well, it's just a very unprofessional place. He officially broke up with the GF at the point.

Anyways. He & I went out again & I met some of his other friends -they actually asked if we're dating at which point he & I laughed it off- it was another really fun night that ended up with both of us passed out on his couch. Opposite ends. He threw a blanket over me too.

Another couple weeks passed until Paddy's day & we'd text but then not text for a few days. Paddy's was pretty fun too. We pregamed at his house for a few hours and almost missed all the festivities. And then after he loaned me his bed & he took the couch this time...

During our hangouts he says things like "iI should marry this girl" & "I can't wait to see where this goes" but he doesn't touch me a lot..he looks at me & we laugh and smile & he's always buying my drinks.

haven't seen him since... & it's been like maybe 3 weeks. We text on & off sometimes flirty. Mostly he initiates txting late at nite. I know he's busy atm but wants to hangout when he gets the free time. Is he a friend, or something more or just a good guy?


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  • so u like him


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