Girls have you ever dated a guy that was intimitated by you're sexual history?

did you guys still have great sex even though he was intimitated


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  • My thoughts on this general topic: I think many females try to claim that a guy is intimidated by their sexual history rather than admitting that their sexual history is a turn off. I don't believe that there are only two types of men: the ones who fully embrace your sexual history and the ones who are intimidated by it. That doesn't seem like a very rational, intelligent thought process to me. Unless he outright says he's intimidated, the you shouldn't just label him.

    I'm sure great sex is still possible so long as the two are close, care for each other and respect each other.

  • yes but not in the way you tihnk...
    i was raped and told him about it before we became sexual and it sort of freaked him out. he was very careful with me afterwards, afraid he push me too far and what not.
    but after we worked through things yes the sex was (and still is) awesome lol :P