Dating friend's little sister?

So I've started liking my best friend's little sister and have liked her for about 2 months now. Me and her older brother have been best friends for over 14 years now. One day while we (my best friend and i) were outside he randomly said out of nowhere "I don't mind if you date my sister." I've talked to him about it a few times since then and he's actually kinda pushing me to date his sister.

I don't know if I should date her or not. All guys know that dating your best friend's little sister is off limits. But what if it's cool with him?

input guys? what would you do

decided not to do anything. Don't want to risk changing the relationship I have with him and his family.


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  • It's cool that he says that he is ok with it. Personally though,... I wouldn't go there.

    If anything goes wrong with that relationship, it will really put both him, his sister, and you in a really bad position. While it would be pretty amazing for things to work out with his sister and you (great brother in law), there are so many directions that this could go bad, and that could possibly destroy the friendship that you have with him.

    As much as you may want to, I would probably stay away from this.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.


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  • You made a good decision. I really like my best friend's brother but I decided it wasn't worth it. I value my friendship with her way too much to risk it on that, even if she says she doesn't mind!


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  • he sounds ok with it , but if you wana start dating his sister , you have to make sure everything goes ok, if she ends up hating you he'll hate you too , but anyway you sound like a good person , so if your sure about that , and you really like her , then do it.

    tho I don't know hows he's cool with it , I would never let a friend date mys sister

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