Is this guy just sweet talking me? Do you think he may be a player?

I met this guy at the club about three weeks ago. *DON'T JUDGE and automatically dismiss it as some sleazy, purely sexual experience. You can stumble upon wonderful connections anywhere* My friends told me he kept staring at me, but he wouldn't ask me to dance. We were both really shy around each other first. Then he started break dancing right in front of me. One of my friends called him over when we were sitting down and she was like "She really wants to dance with you!" So we got up and danced for at least forty five minutes. He was really sweet! My dress would come up and he kept pulling it down for me! He bought me a drink while we took a break and went over the basics like each other's names, where we go to When we got back up and danced and he was really affectionate. I've never grinded with a guy who was that affectionate before! He would hold my hands, hold my hands with his arms wrapped around my waist, lean his head over my shoulder and press his face against mine, like if I didn't know us and saw us I would have thought we were a couple!

Three weeks later and honestly I've avoided hanging out because I'm shy. He texts me things like "I miss you for real." I told him I didn't know if I believed him because he only met me once, then he said "fine then don't believe me. I'll show you how much I miss you when I see you"
"I feel like I've known you forever or something. I mean we sure are texting and getting to know each other every night"

"Be careful while working out because I care about you"

"I love your body. I can tell you take good care of it and you have all the curves I'd look for in a girl's body"

"I'm going to keep telling you I miss you even when I see you"

"Feels like I've known you for so long"

"Awww haha you're amazing for real. I love the way you think"

This stuff is really sweet and I was just wondering if you think he may be bullshitting me?


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  • Well the actual encounter at the club sounds like he's a good guy. He treated you well.

    The texts seem like he may be sweet talking you. The one where he said "Be careful while working out because I care about you," doesn't sound like something someone would naturally say.

    Saying that, I still think you should give him a chance. The best read on people is when you meet them in person. The way someone comes across through their phone or through the internet usually isn't the best indicator of who they really are. Trust your gut feeling from when you actually saw him in person. I think that would be the best thing to do.

    MY ADVICE: Give him a chance and hang out again


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