Is it too soon to introduce/invite the guy I'm dating around my friends?

So I met this guy online a little less than a month ago. we text everyday and things seem to be going well. Only been on 4 dates (two of them were casual-coffee and movie at his place) but he asked me to hang out this coming weekend. However, I have a going away party for a friend and I'm debating whether I should invite him. It's mostly couples so I wonder if it will scare him off? Also, he hasn't mentioned or introduced me to any of his friends yet. Is it too soon? Do guys get freaked out by this? He is older guy in mid 30s.


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  • Ummm he shouldn't be as long as your upfront and say "I have plans with my friends already, but it's kinda a coupley thing so you'd really actually be helping me out if you came along, but I completely understand if that's not your idea of fun" then the ball is in his court and if he is game he will join you no problems and if he is nervous he will turn you down and maybe even be honest and tell you exactly how he feels but then it is his decision not yours and I mean it is his comfort level we are worried about right? If your worried about your friends meeting him or him meeting your friends, it's never too early to bite that bullet because your friends are a major portion of your life and that is what dating is all about seeing what each other's lives are like and seeing if you fit into them


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  • Too early, not the time or place for him to be introduced to your friends, plus as it's only early days you don't want people meeting him if it's not going to go anywhere.