How to get a guy to notice you (again) or is it time to move on?

So last year I started dating this guy I met at work and we had an amazing time. Then I stopped working and things just fizzled out.

I have started to see him again weekly and he is not nearly as interested in my as when we first met. However, when I see him or I am heading to work I get the biggest butterflies and go weak at the knees.

I guess I would really like a second chance at dating him. The problem is he started chasing me at first and now I think it has flipped.

How do I get him to notice me? and show him that I am keen (but in a not creepy way). I guess I just want him to see what he saw in me at the beginning.

Any thoughts? I need your help as I honestly can't stop thinking about him and I am finding it hard to move on.


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  • I think you will need to 'bite the bullet' so to speak and learn to be ok with doing the chasing. Maybe not how you planned to meet a new possible partner but sometimes things need to be taken into our own hands. Start talking to him in light quick occurrences to leave him wanting more.. That's a good start.


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  • I'd just ask him out for coffee or something simple like that, just one-on-one where you can talk freely. Trying to get someone to notice you is a game with no winner. Just have conversation. Things usually fall into place rather elegantly that way.


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