Is our age difference awkward because our height is!?

There is this girl I've been dating she is 17 and I am 22. I do help coach football in high school but she does not go there. She goes to a high school a few minutes away. This girl looks older about 19 so no one questions us when she comes over to the school. Will I get fired if they find this out?


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  • Bro you should just keep your mouth shut because if the school finds you might get royally screwed. When does she turn 18? Can you stick it out and keep it in wraps then its cool especially if the feeling is mutual but watch your back if you do some dumbshit and make her mad or resent you she call the cops and lock your dick up and then bubbas going to be the only love you know about for a few years.

    • She turns 18 in two months

    • Bro, in two months your will have nothing to worry about. Just keep it under wraps until you are in the clear. I don't think it's problem or think it's weird. The school policy book, you should definitely read that manual up and down to cover your ass as a worst case scenario.

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  • End it now! Wait til she's 18. If anyone finds out and reports you, you may have to register as a sex offender. It will cost you so much. Stop, please stop.

    • It happened to a friend of mine.

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