How much willpower would it take?

how much willpower would it take for an overweight guy to go on a hunger strike? why is it that those who need eating disorders never get em?

basicly, I want to lose weight till women actually pay attention to me.


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  • An eating disorder is just not the way to go. I suggest you to find some activity you enjoy, like karate, swimming, whatever you like. This way you lose fat doing something enjoyable and meeting new friends. That's what I did, now I just can't live without exercise!
    About the food, hunger strikes won't work. It just makes you dizzy and your body stops burning calories. Start to eat well slowly: eat half of your dessert today, then eat more raw vegetables, then swap fried food for cooked/grilled food. You won't notice the difference that much.
    And about women, if they need you to be all trim and fit to pay attention on you, they're not worth it.


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  • A. Fuck off. "The ones who need eating disorder never get them"
    B. There was a man who was over 400 lbs who went on a hunger strike under strict observation to see how long a body with high fat could live off of their own body fat. He lasted over a year without any food. I think the exact was a year, three months and six days, but I can't be completely sure. But again that was under strict observation of an entire medical team


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  • i'm skinny as shit and women still dont pay attention to me so you might want to find something else to blame

  • It would require quite a lot but Hunger strike won't help ya, only harm u and is very dangerous.
    Try apply to the next Biggest Loser season (if there is any?)
    and hopefully the fame/insight how a nice guy you are will attract some women for sure. =)

    Alternativly, if u dont get really lucky gettin in that show,
    just sign up for some group weight program and join some online weight losing date/group/forum or something like that.