Not sure what to think. Where do I go from here?

Recently, I became good friends with a girl I met at the beginning of the semester. At first I just wanted to be her friend but apparently she had a crush on me. Eventually, my feelings for her changed and we both realized that we had feelings for each other. I asked her out and she said yes and everything was the way it was supposed to be. Within 48 hours, she friendzoned me and gave me some of the typical excuses why we shouldn't date. She said she wasn't sure if she was ready for another relationship because she just got out of a serious one, she said she thought I liked her more than she liked me, and she said she didn't want to make things weird among our group of friends. I was blindsided because things were going so well. We went back to just friends pretty smoothly and told each other we wouldn't let this get in the way. Things were back to normal for the first few days but then things definitely started to change. She has started to slowly cut me off completely. She is pretty good friends with my roommate and now does everything that she used to do with me through him. I no longer get any texts from her; when she comes over to hang at my apartment she always asks my roommate. I think she may be talking to another guy as well (I have no idea what's going on). Sometimes when she's over, my roommate will be nosy and try to ask what's going on between them. When I'm around, its pretty obvious that she's uncomfortable talking about it in front of me. I just want to know what all of this means. I still have some feelings for her but I had no problem going back to being friends because I felt our timing might have been way off. When I do see her, it's not awkward at all between us but I can tell something is up. Is she trying to get rid of me completely, is she avoiding me because she doesn't want a conflict of interest or is she just trying to decide what she wants? I had no problem being friends again, but I feel like there might be something I've missed.


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  • Ok, dude, let's be straight here. did you do anything weird, did you say anything or..

    i tell you what. here is what you do. cut all connections with her and show her you do not care. why? cuz it seems she treated you like a disposable trash.
    basically, she went on a date with you. didn't like you or maybe had a different concept of how you are, then gave you an excuse to break it up.

    don't give in, dont show you are after her. dont be either the nice guy or bad boi. just be normal but have good self respect. and be stern about it, you should actually feel upset she treated you that way.