How long do you ignore someone?

So it's kind of a general question as in when do you ignore people? apart from the obvious they're being a dick.

Though I do kind of have a question in that am i in the wrong for ignoring someone because i'm a bit upset that they've changed? as in they used to call all the time and we kissed and it's like we still text, but its almost like a chore to them now to text me back and they never talk about meeting up, should i be ignoring them? and if so how long?

Any helps appreciated thank you!


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  • Ignoring a guy doesn't work, because 9 times out of 10 the guy will not even be aware that he's being ignored.

    It's one of those things which is really painful for girls, and is a good revenge for girls, but they mistakenly assume it will work the same on guys. And it doesn't.

    Same for the silent treatment. Horrible thing to do to a girl. Pointless thing to do to a guy. If he even notices, he's just thinking "Sweet sweet silence, oh how I've missed you"


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  • You ignore people idefinitely when you deeply hate and reject them.

  • ignore them as long as it takes, change your cell number or whatever


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