Is it good if a guy responds to your text everytime? Will it be bad if they don't or use one word text?

If a guy responds to your text everytime could he be intrested? If he dosnt he's not intrested?


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  • Not always. I always respond when people text me. Even if I'm not interested. If I don't want to talk I'll end the conversation instead of leaving the person hanging. What matters more is content not so much consistency.

    • Consistency?

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    • He always replies but I don't know his deal he said hit him up but then I don't know if it's good thing or not

    • What I mean by content and consistency is this. For example you text me and I'm only interested you in a friend, I'll text back and shoot the shit with you for awhile but there really won't be anything more than that. But if you text me and I am interested I'll textback and be flirty with you. Both conversations can last the same amount of time with the same amount of texts but what's going on inside the conversation is what is really important.

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  • If he responds then yes my crush don't text anyone not even his friends nor does he use social media so he may be one of those guys.

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