So dumb question... Was this really a date?

So this guy I'd been snapchatting but hadn't met (he was friends with people I know, it wasn't stranger danger or anything). Then the other day he was going on a spur-of-the-moment road trip out of state, and asked if I wanted to go. Thinking there was NO way he was serious (he's usually pretty sarcastic) I was like 'yeah totally' ...thank GOD I actually got dressed and showered because once he asked for my address he was really on the way. So not thinking anything of this (I really had literally never considered being attracted to him, I mean I had sex with one of his friends and just thought of this as more of a new friends type of deal), I got in the car. Right off the bat we got coffee for this road trip and he insisted on paying but I was like 'okay whatever it's only like $2, he's just being nice). So the entire time I was just totally me, talking about literally everything, literally nothing was off limits... As I said, I'm thinking of this as a friends hanging out type of situation. I LITERALLY TALKED ABOUT POOP. POOP! Then we ended up getting dinner and literally I had my card out and was trying to pay and he wouldn't let me buy my own dinner... Made the drive home and he didn't try to kiss me or even hug me and seeing as he was kind of leaned up against his door I opted not to go in for a hug but I was like 'thanks that was really fun!' etc etc and he was all 'yeah we should do it again sometime! Send me a snapchat haha' ... When I told my friend about my day she was like "you realize you went on a date, right?" WHAT? After she went through it with me I did realize he was chewing gum, smelled nice, kept asking if I wanted anything blah blah blah, made sure I liked the music... Oh and at the end of the day it was like a solid 9 hours straight


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  • Yep that was a date alright.
    If he doesn't know about you and his friend, and if it is a close friend, you better hope he never finds out. Because that is a 100% no-no and goes against guy code. So you might have a time bomb going on there..

    • No he knows what happened is the thing... and I mean his friend and I weren't really anything it was just that we had drunk sex at a party.

    • Drunk sex or not, if they were close friends you would be off limits. so either they are not close friends and he just doesn't care what the other guy thinks, or he has decided your are worth more then the friendship. good for you either way...

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  • its sounds like day to me


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