Feel like I've been led on. How to get over a girl?

Went on one date with her. Went well, was really good. Took 4 weeks to are arrange a second. Asked 3/4 times and kept getting (seemingly valid excuses), though she kept saying we should still meet up.
When I see her in our social circle she's always hanging off me, still have conversations, stand extremely close to me, taking selfies with me and generally showing interest.

Arranged second for Sunday or Monday (this time I gave two weeks notice instead of a few days). Saw her a few days later to confirm which day. She couldn't do Sunday. I asked about the Monday but she said she might be meeting her cousins. I said to let me know then. But I know we aren't meeting.

I think she may like me, hence the mixed signals and stuff. But she's returns to her country (France) in 3 months. She might end up staying, but it's not likely.
Maybe she doesn't want to get into anything now. Maybe she's waiting to see if she stays.
Maybe I'll wait to see if she does stay, and try again?

In the meanwhile, I need to get over her. But I've never liked someone like this (never asked a girl out) before.

I keep getting reminded of our connection too- loads of people think I should ask her out (not realising I have), and some already think we are a couple. That's how close and evident it is to others.

Anyone please? :)
Any answers please?


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  • you can't just forget about the memories you guys have shared together cherish them let her how much you care about maybe even writing a letter for her to read when she leaves expressing to her how much she means to you and Skype call and keep the communication going still but move on when your ready to and the best way to move on is to stay busy and allow yourself time because there's no point in getting with someone one else when your not fully over another person you should also try talking and meeting other people or your friends that are girls for advice you never know you might end up falling for one of your friends that is a girl

    • I'll stay in touch, with already talked about that...but I won't tell her how I feel as she leaves. I don't think that'll be fair on both of us.

      I'm not ready to meet other girls yet. I was never interested in relationships, and that hasn't changed- but I've made an exception for this girl.

    • well i would remain focusing on yourself and do what makes you happy and enjoy life and give yourself time to heal from this

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  • This really sounds like typical behavior for European women, but all women seem to get a thrill in having several male prospects at once. At any rate, she probably plans to return to France for good. She may enjoy your company, but the reality of her situation restrains her. Geographical distance lessens the chances of success in any relationship. Look at all the top actors, athletes, and other high-flyers who attempt marriages and romances with long distances and long separations. Start looking for other dates as backups. Obviously, you cannot rely on this lady. She is either in control or not in control of her itinerary--neither of which is good for your interests.