What Video Games to play together with girlfriend? Co-Op?

I am looking for a list of video games.

Preferably multiplayer Co-Op games.
Anything. PC gamer now but if you know other great console games, you can let me know.

Explain WHY and what about it that is nice together.

Question to both guys and gals.
Thanks !

I will reply to every single comment.
PS1/2 Emulator from confugirl
Portal 2 from Agrojag
Left4Dead2 from DanteSparda
LOTR: War in the NOrth by FallenRangerz
Fifa/sports games by Soren
dancing and singing games by Phoenix98

thanks for all your help !


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  • Well not so long ago I played LOTR: War in the North with my girlfriend but we never got around to finishing that. My fondest memories and best fun I had with her though was Army of Two. It's just really fun messing around with her and what not, like feigning death right before a match so they add target her, or run out of cover and make weird noises as I feign death immediately after. It's just nice overall to have a great laugh and to get closer as gamers.


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  • It will probably depend on what games she likes or what games she is willing to try.
    I play many with my fiance, we play...

    Grand Theft Auto IV, and sometimes Episodes of Liberty City.
    (Its fun to goof around in the city or team up together and kill people lmao. There's lots to do... you could also race together or do whatever multiplayer mode.)

    Virtua Tennis 4
    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
    (both are fun because we're competitive and want to beat the other)

    Kane & Lynch
    Age of Wushu
    (We like these because again we work together in them both, more so in age of wushu because its so in depth and you have to really work together when your characters get married)

    Sometimes we just play monopoly (from steam) lmao.

    Also tons of Wii U games. So funny...

    • wow.. i would have chosen your question as most helpful. i wasn't a fan of gta IV. I don't know why.. i wasn't into doing so much illegal things and virtualize myself doing in the back streets. however i've been a mischievous khajit in skyrim pickpocketing and a troublemaker to every town xD

      i have No Idea about Wii stuff. i will check out too. so you can play gta iv on steam with multiplayer? hm, i might consider it.

      oh age of wushu sounds interesting. yeah i saw it when it was new but didn't attract me to play it. hey, you know what, check out on Just Cause 2 as well. theyre cheap and has online multiplayer to free roam. gta san andreas also has online multiplayer for a long time. i'll share with you if any other games i come across.
      let me know if you found any good ones too!

  • COD, Halo, FIFA, heck, I would play viva piñata. It's all good with me.

    • yeah but there are games like l4d2, portal 2, lego batman out there. don't you think those are more fun?
      i like coop exploration together. haha, viva pinata whats that xD

    • I have a family of guys, I've learned to like virtually all video games.
      And basically viva piñata is this game where you raise piñatas and the plot concept is pretty creepy out of context but it's really funny

  • You could get a PS1 or PS2 emulator and play some racing games. Those games are the most fun to play together, in my opinion. Heck, even the non-coop games are fun to watch and you can switch the controller between the 2 of you.

    • PS1 and PS2 emulator sounds good !
      cuz i doubt their requirements are that high compared to all these new pc games. thanks !

      if you have any personal favourite or memorable games, let me know. kind regards.

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  • -Counter strike Global Offensive
    -Left 4 Dead 2
    -Unreal Tournament series
    -Call of duty : modern warfare series/black ops series.

  • What If you search on steam for some games you could play together. Or you can play Minecraft that is always good.

  • maybe Mario kart, or call of duty multiplayer (but would be harder for a non gamer o get used to), halo multiplayer, the only thing that might suck is playing split screen, but all it all it should be ok

    • ooh Mario Kart, i've heard so much about it but never played it before in my life. i'll ask her if she'll like it, thanks !

    • the original one on super Nintendo was the best, I haven't played Mario kart on any other platform

  • Well I played racing games with my girl we were both mass effects fans so we took turns playing that iv even done dancing and singer games when we feel like being a little goofy.

    • dancing and singing games, sounds like a good one ! any recommendations?

    • Just dance series is fun can't really recommend any singer games as that kind of varies per the gamers music tastes. Really any co op game that would be in a genre you would both enjoy would be the one to play.

  • Nintendo games, mario party, mario anything because it's really fun to play together and not Hardcore like COD

    • hah im more of a pc gamer and yes, im sure she does not want cod, already have Portal 2 and L4D2. i have no idea about nintendo / wii games.

    • There's lots of cooperative mmo's

  • Portal 2. That'd be a great game because it takes team-work, problem solving and it's funny. Great game for a couple, I think.

  • definely minecraft. build your dream house man. and protect her from creepers XD

    • haha, thanks.
      yeah, minecraft has been awhile now, but i find little incentive for me to try it. I don't know, well i am a pc gamer but just the graphics turns me down. we could build a house in some sort of sims game or whatever.

  • Why not an MMO like Dead Frontier? Its a zombie browser based game, no download.

    • alright, i'll check out on browser games. well, i already have l4d2 for that but thanks ! lemme know if u have any other coop browser games.

  • Well i like Fifa 14 on bouth PC and PS4 :D
    Also, mortal combat :D that's nice game for a co-op game :D

    • i think soccer may be too complicated to her and mortal combat as a fighting game, i dont think so haha but thanks for your suggestions !

    • Yourwelcome :)

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