Since really attractive women don't get approached often, would it be easier to get a date from them?

Physically average or slightly above average looking girls don't really flirt with me and act pretty indifferent about me, and sometimes act a little stuck up. Is it because they get approached a lot, so have a better selection and figure they don't need me?

Attractive girls flirt with me more often, but sometimes I figure I'm deluded thinking she'd be into me. But since the most attractive girls don't get asked out often, would it make it easier to get a date from them?


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  • That's something you can only know from experience. I'd guess that attractive women are the hardest since they have inflated standards and feel like they are entitled to a certain kind of guy. But you'd only know by trying.

    • Upon first meeting, some people have assumed I'm harmless. But once they hang around me they'll say "well I guess you aren't hopeless with women after all". And I've fairly often heard "you're nice, sincere and make me happy" from attractive women, so they certainly don't sound like self-entitled snobs.

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  • "since the most attractive girls don't get asked out often, "

    I don't know where you get that idea from.

    • I've heard hot women say "guys flirt with me a lot, but I don't get asked out that often." And I've seen unattractive women at bars getting hit on, while the hot ones are sitting there patiently.