How often should you communicate when you just start dating?

I've known a guy for a few years now as a friend. Recently he said he would like to get to know me better with a relationship in mind. We privately communicate on social media but haven't been able to meet up yet due to our work schedules. It's been 2 weeks since he told me his feelings. We also talk 2-3 times per week. How often is normal communication and should I be worried that we haven't gone on a date yet?

It's been a month and I haven't met him!


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  • At the start? No matter how often it is, it won't be enough for her, and it will be way too much for him.

    Inevitably it will decrease over time, and the girl will freak out thinking there's something wrong.

    • So is it normal if he doesn't communicate everyday? Should I be freaking out that we haven't met yet?

    • It is normal, it is also normal to freak out over it.

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  • Everyday is fine. Leave a message on fb every morning or evening to remind him that you remember him and he is on your mind. Text him if you want to know how he is doing. A little texting is fine. It's ok to talk everyday but not all day. Lol. It's fine to communicate everyday.^_^