How to let a stranger know I'm attracted to her?

I run into a lot of women at work that I like, I don't know them so I was wondering what signals can I give them that I like them?


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  • Don't do weird stuff like awkward looks and such. There are so many ways to do it wrong. The best way is to straight up say "Hi, I am X I see you often here, blabla" and then she will say no if you don't really look sexually attractive to her and then you have to leave her alone forever or she will call the cops.


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  • Flirt with her and have more conversations.

    • I'm talking about random girls I run into.. I usually don't see the same girl again cuz it's a huge campus

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    • Hmmm I guess just try some convos given the chance. Otherwise I don't know what else to try, sorry :/

    • Thanks for trying