Do you think he wants to see me again?

So me n a guy have been chattin for almost a month now wev had 1 successful date altho i think he seems a tad distant this week i haven't heard much from him after working hours, i really want to see him again! If he's sti contacting me and its always him 1st in the mornings should i ask him for a meet up this weekend? Do men like that? Would it look desperate if he didn't still like me would be still be in contact? We dont put kisses on our texts anymore altho i think that might be my fault as i didn't on my text on Monday nite? So many questions! :)


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  • Just trust your intuition and go for it. Some guys (like me) are glad when the women move on it... it puts less of a burden on our shoulders.

    Don't overthink. Just do it. At worst, it won't work. You lose nothing.


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