Almost wo weeks between first and second date, how much to contact her in that span?

I had a first date with a girl I really like on Sunday. We don't know each other real well and have only been talking for like a month. She kind of had to cut our first date early because she had to be up early for work the next morning, but she made a point to tell me she really wanted to go out again and even started talking about what we should do on our next date. But she is going out of town for a week, and given our work schedules, the next day we could go out is next Friday . She even pulled out her phone and put "Date night" on her calendar so she wouldn't schedule any work appointments that night.

Since Sunday we briefly texted both Monday and Tuesday, but I don't want her to think I am clingy or anything. The last girl I dated got pissed if I didn't talk to her every day so I got in that habit. How often should I be texting her? Every other day or so, every few days? Opinions?


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  • In my case it'd be nice if my bf text me everyday, of course without sth desparate or controlling. I think you can easily guess if a guy like you texting everyday or not. If she replies your text fast and with long enough sentences, then she loves it. Otherwise jusr slow down your texting.


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  • I text my bf everyday for hours and hours. So it is really a balance of having things to talk about in an engaging conversation. Just start by every now and then send her a really sweet message about how you are thinking about her and see how she is replying and slowly start texting her more so she is used to it.


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