need help: girl went silent. We hooked up and the next two-three weeks dated?

so i hooked up with my biggest crush for the past year. we went to a concert and then spent the night at her house we hooked up and did everything short of having sex. She said i like you lets wait. the next few weeks we hung out any free time she had. she then took me out two weeks ago for my bday and paid for dinner then we went bowling with friends. she said she couldn't stay the night bc she worked early but wanted to spend that fri with me. suggested we cook dinner then go see a late showing of a movie we talked about. she said she had way more free time and could stay over that night. fri rolls around she comes over etc we have a great night lots of make outs cuddling on couch she is holding my hand all night at movies….but she earlier in the dinner expressed she was frustrated bc she now has to work a double at the restaurant and can't stay over…we kiss good night very late and she says she feels bad not staying over i then say i understand. After that night (will be two weeks this fri) I've had very little contact…we exchanged texts short and sporadic and it decreased from there. Tues morning she responded to my Monday text "still grinding first day off in 6 days is this afternoon at 4" i respond sympathizing and then suggest to her I'm off wed morn if she wants to so something. No response then wed morn says "sorry got off work and just couched it " i didn't get over ambitious and just said "bet you needed that" she responded wed after noon and was like "yup and just went to the mountain to board also needed" from there no real communication…I said "hows the rest of your week look lets get together " and was ignored. Fri she sent a random text about a show i had mentioned to her weeks ago. She said "hope you have fun tonight dancing your pants off" i took this as a BS save face text. Waited to mon and i said "how was your weekend? got time for a beer this afternoon" since fri she has said nothing, we spent 3 weeks seeing each other...

also update, she works in the restaurant industry and worked the sat after we hung out until wed but she had free time and usually would text and communicate. I fear not making a move fri night made her go away.


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  • For whatever reason, she's brushing you off. Maybe it's because she got freaked out…someone else came into the picture…she's busy…who knows. Regardless, give her space and keep your eyes peeled for someone else.

    • i dont plan on contacting her at all the rest of the week but was debating calling her next week at some point...not sure if its worth it or not.

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    • i agree, it just sucks. i got no answer and all signs when we last saw each other were good. I've already moved on to taking another girl out. but can't stop thinking about this crazy about her. im like i want to talk to her but also think maybe your right leave ball in her court and maybe leave it still open for possible reconnect in future. Im sure ill run into her again we have many mutual friends.

    • Then yeah that's best. You never know what'll happen. Don't brush her off completely, but don't ignore this new girl, either.

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