Guys, have you ever kissed someone and it was so good that?

It was so good that you said "I love you" to her?
He knew we wouldn't have sex but on our third date, we were kissing and it was, admittedly, so absolutely amazing. I felt like saying it too haha but I didn't.
We both had a glass of wine a couple hours earlier so maybe that lowered inhibitions?

Anyway, although it was only 3 dates, we spoke all the time on the phine and via text. We are both in our 20's.
I am not taking it seriously. I believe it was just passion in the moment. Although, he said he was embarrassed about it but said it again 10 minutes later.

Now I feel everything is awkward and we aren't communicating as much anymore. I made it clear that I wasn't looking for a relationship...

Has this happened to anyone?


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  • Physical attraction and pure passion of the moment are poor excuses for telling someone you love them in my book.

    • I think so, too. I dont know what he was actually thinking. Just wondering if someone else has experienced this.

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  • yes and i felt very bad that i had attached to someone to me who didn't have the same virtues in them, someone who didn't want a relationship. wait, do girls like relationships?

    • ?
      No virtues because I am not sexually active and not looking for a relationship?

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