How would you react if someone said that they loved you but you had known them for about 5 months?

I met a guy at an event party but we started dating two months ago, but went only on two dates. I met him a couple of other times though.

We phone every night and chat online often so we feel pretty close.

Last night he said that he loved me but when he says stuff like that he says it pretty quickly so I thought I misheard but it turned out that he did say that, but said that he didn't want to jump the gun.

I'm not sure, as I've had crushes before but it is not the same feeling as those times. With him, I just feel that I want to talk with him and meet up with him more. But then I don't want other people to know.

I'm not sure how to react and what to do. It is my first time that a guy had said that he liked and loved me but do you think it is happening a bit fast?
Also, how would you define people as a boyfriend/girlfriend or couple?


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  • 2 dates is WAY to fast. Talk with him and meet up with him more, that's fine. Why don't you want other people to know? Are you embarrassed to be seen with him?

    I wouldn't try do define boyfriend/girlfriend or couple. People get stuck on words too much.

    If you talk on the phone every night and chat online, I would say that you are both getting to know each other. That's great. You may even like each other. But love takes a lot of real face-to-face time. A lot of different situations and experiences together. Trials and tribulations, lol.

    Don't take the words he said to seriously. Don't get stuck on them. Just keep things as they are and see how things evolve, one day at a time.

    • Ah lol I feel that it is fast too haha. I haven't been around guys a lot since I went to an all girls school and I don't have many close friends to talk to this stuff about.
      Um I am a bit embarrassed if people know if I am with a guy. And I haven't told my friends, only one but haven't seen her in ages, only chat. And haven't told my parents that I am hanging out with him either. I don't know what they would think because he is four years older than me.

      Thank you for your advice. He did mention that I sometimes think into the words too much.

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  • I fall hard and fast. We're talking a week or two. 5 months is definitely reasonable. To me that's a snail's pace.

    • Oh really? I've heard of people kissing after the 1st or 3rd date, so is that what you would do too?

    • If the chemistry is there, you could easily have sex after the 1st date. If not, or somebody is shy, it will take longer.

  • It's debatable how long it takes to fall in true love but it's a oossible feeling I believe

    • Okay... I'm unsure of how he actually feels about me. Do you think guys usually say that they love a girl?

    • Only after a while if they really mean it or are just looking for sex

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