They say if you let someone go and they come back they're yours, and if they don't come back they never true is this in my case?

i really liked this guy i was hanging out with, until he started over-thinking things and got scared.
we were on this great path to a relationship that would grow on its own without pressure (we were monogamous but not bf/gf), but that all came to a screeching halt when i asked him (out of respect) how he felt about me going to a wedding with a guy friend of mine. he freaked out in his head over it, thinking that i was pushing for something more right after we had talked about and agreed that we were on the same page with letting things grow on their own.

he then wanted to be somewhere between friends and dating, but now he texts me every so often, just randomly but doesn't invite me out.

i explained to him that i couldnt be just friends and i wasn't going to be some girl who he was kinda friends with and kinda dating. he didn't want to accept that, so he still texts me every now and again.

i feel like the only reason im responding is because im afraid i will ruin any chances of him wanting to be with me in the future. but i also feel like if he truly wanted to be with me, he would be with me now. so i think the best way to stop myself from going crazy and telling him off is to just ignore his texts.

here's my concern: they say if you let someone go and they come back then they're yours, and if they don't then they never were.
if i ignore him, wouldn't that make me look really bad and ruin chances of something in the future, or would it get his attention and make him more interested?


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  • Yes he is uncomfortable for serious commitment right now.
    Don't ignore him so much that he goes away forever. Keep the balance between ignorance and attention. Live with don't care attitude. If he eants to come then he will come. That's for sure..
    I totally agree with the quote you mentioned.


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  • Its only true if it works.basically you have too work for anything


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  • So you like a guy whose self-esteem is so low that he ran away because you were going out with a male friend? Ok. So since he has low self-confidence then you can't ignore him. If you ignore a man with low self-esteem it kind of works against you. You have to chase a little. Make the first move type of thing. By the way, don't take that saying too literally.