Ever date a man and fix him?

Any women ever dated a man and tried to fix him? Say he had depression or was a sad person. Maybe he was going nowhere.

In my situation. I have ambition but I don't have the energy. I went through a lot in life (I'm 28). I'm on the path to recovery from abuse I took as a child. I have high standards and high great goals to be someone and better myself, but recovery has been recent.

And I'm kind of shy, but an attractive guy.

So have any *attractive women dated a guy and turned him around successfully or tried to turn him around?

I'm a young attractive man.


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  • Any girl who dates a guy because he's depressed and doesn't have any sort of attraction towards him is doing it out of pity. I mean, great for the guy but in the end, this will give him a false sense of confidence because he thinks being the depressed, lonely guy will attract females. Trust is, it won't. At least it won't lead to a true relationship.

    I've been through a lot in life. I've had two transplants, cancer, failed college a couple of times because of my health, yet I'm still ambitious to succeed and do something in my life and eventually find a girl I can marry and have a family.

    If you're suffering from what happened when you were younger, get the help you need. I understand it's tough but it shouldn't stop you from doing something in your life. Before someone can love you, you have to love yourself.

    Being an attractive guy will only get you so far. Shyness may be cute to some girls but most girls are attracted to confident men who will take charge. You're young now but the longer you wait to do something, the harder it will be to make something out of yourself and even find a woman who will be truly in love with you for you.


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  • I fixed a player up reeeeeeal good


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