How can you tell if a guy is really just a friend, or if he secretly wants more?

I've been best friends with this guy for years. He is like a brother to me.

We talk about everything.

But I noticed when I talk about guys I meet, he makes negative comments, and criticizes me and the guy. He never approves of any guy, and always finds something about him that makes me start doubting.

I am confused because I need advice from him sometimes, but when it comes to guys, he basically tells me to dump them.

He dates around, so I doubt he has any feelings for me... but sometimes I am not sure.

What do you guys think? Are most of the things he says about guys true? Or he says it with diff intentions?

Well I def don't want to date him..

I see him as a brother.


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  • I think he is just being a good friend. He, just like any good friend, doesn't want to see you get hurt. He is trying to be honest.

    If he isn't gay then he has, most likely, pictured a future with you. You have been friends for a long time so he may have come to accept the type of relationship/friendship the two of you have. The fact is he may or may not be willing to give it a shot. Do really want to be in a relationship with the guy?

    Sometimes people get out of relationship and they cling to the person that they are closest too. This type of behavior is normal, but a person should never risk their good friend becoming their rebound.

    If you need a rebound go find it somewhere else. If he is a good friend he will still be there 6 months down the road. Just seriously think about what you want in life.

    I have plenty of girls that I am friends with. I am honest with them and at times I do picture myself with them, but that is usually when I feel lonely. I know that if I were to act on my impulse that there would be consequences down the road. I could possibly lose a really good friend. Try to understand that sometimes friendship is more valuable then love. Especially when times are tough.


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  • I think, if he see you as a sister, just like how you see him as a brother, then he could be acting just like one and just being over-protective, like many older brothers do with their younger sisters.


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  • If he wants to ask you out - he will.

  • Hmmm... sounds little suspicious. He may be in love with you or he may just feel that the friendship is threatened by you having someone, or he may be right about the guys! If you are that close, do you think you could talk to him about what you've noticed? ("I can't help but notice that you are really critical of men I date. It's hard because I want to tell you about what happens in my life. Help me understand...) Of course, it makes a difference whether or not you have feelings for him... One way, you essentially ask him to cease and desist, the other, you probe to find out if he feels more than he's letting on. (And I wouldn't necessarily assume he doesn't have feelings just because he dates.)

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