He tells me he's never going to speak to me again and is really ugly to me, then texts me a month later?

Maybe I should just go with the fact that you can't fix crazy...

But, we got close. The intimacy connection formed by emotional attachment without sex. He's having a hard time getting over his ex...it's been 8 months. She won't talk to him. He played with my feelings when I was just a loyal friend who was there for him 24/7 more than once, only to royally screw me over the last time by really getting my hopes up at a future, telling me he wanted to be waking up to me soon, only to tell me there was never a spark and we would never be together two weeks later. Needless to say, I had my bait of his treatment of the one person who cared (I'd talked him out of suicide/bought medicine/been there at 4am) and things got ugly and I told him off, then I apologized for my hostility and wished him the best. He was still a douche, telling me that this was "exactly why he didn't want this," that I needed to grow up, tgat I was selfish, only wanted to convert him to Christianity, that this was his last message to me and to find a good, Christian boy. Fast forward a month and he texts me this one Saturday morning..."Hey! Hope your doin iight."

WTH? Lol. I didn't answer. Seriously? I was at a loss. He never sent anything else, though I did send him a chain message with a religious, Christian message a few weeks later (he's Jewish, so I know he probably hated it) because it was supposed to be sent to all your contacts and I haven't heard a peep.

I'm thinking crazy may be the only answer...

He always made me feel bad for being a Christian, so that's why I sent the chain message. He cannot make me feel bad anymore. He thinks I want to convert him because I asked him to worship service a few months ago...it's a bit ridiculous.


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  • Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable, non committal, and often grow cold webbed feet when scared, waddling fast into the murky waters from which they came. And there are many out there, as well, who are emotionally unstable. In this particular case, being he is Not over his Ex, he is feeling all the repercussions of this major break-up, and bringing you down to his level. Yes, "crazy" probably Is the "only answer" you can use right now. But if you let it get to you, let this go on, it will only drive you---Insane.
    You have been what I call an Enabler, with "emotional attachment without sex." As a loyal pal, like a loyal dog, you were this mascot, who stayed by his side 24 hours a day, hearing all his "rebound redrick" of how he wanted a future with you, and even was his life support system when he contemplated suicide. And where did this get you? He screwed with your head, played with your heart, ending up in the long run to be "my bait of his treatment." He wants you today, and tomorrow he is ready to bury you like a bone that will soon be forgotten. With him, it is what it is. You never know from day to day what he will do, nor tell you. And there will never be any change, because----He will Never change.
    He's been using you as his scapegoat to try and move on for the past 8 months, but it's failed miserably, and so has he. Forget the religion, forget the runaround. Do Not allow this "douche" to make you feel bad about Anything anymore. Ignore ALL his texts. It's just another day, another way, to continue the senseless, mind boggling games...Yes,"it's a bit ridiculous," and you shouldn't waste one more day of your precious life on this jerk of a Jew.
    Move on. You deserve better. Let him play games with another More gullible girl. You've been there, done that...time to quit being his pawn on the board.
    No, you "can't fix crazy," but you can get on with your life so he doesn't continue to make you------"crazy."
    Good luck.xx


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  • I think you u deserve better.