A girl dont reply to My text or calls we both see each other and i act as i I don't know she has not replied?

we've had sex she basically threw it at me She has tlked to me bout relationship wit me but said i wasn't ready till i was established also Sent 1 awkward text but like i said she says hi wenever i see her convos tho are really short on text and in Person no Air really in them convos


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  • Personally I never make a big deal out of it if someone doesn't text me back. If I really needed to talk to someone I would call them or see them in person. So I think you're handling it fine here, just don't bring it up and don't keep texting her.


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  • Established?
    As in an established relationship?
    Those take time.
    If you really want something to happen between you and her, like relationship-wise, then you have to make the first move. Most girls wait for the guy and if your waiting for her, you're not going to get anywhere. Make her have a conversation with you. Talk about what you both want. Take it from me, girls LOVE to talk.

    • When i mean established like a Job and a Car an dan apt i've Seen her get picked Up or dropped off by guys too says hi then still a little confusas tho

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    • I dont see how i can make her tlk to me The other day i Seen her tlked a little she said text me wen u get bck or something i did and called a little later afta no response to The text Thts confusing

    • I don't know then. That's all I got. Maybe you should simply move on

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