What's the best way to go about kissing someone? (Guys and girls, cause I'm bi)

So I'm a shy girl and there's this other girl I really like and I want to kiss her; how should I find a time to do it? X


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  • If you know she is ok with kissing girls the best thing is to just do it. Don't have time to over think it.

    • I just met someone 9 days ago. We met at the gym which we count as our first date. it went well. I went over to her house the next night. now by this time we have been texting a lot and we really hit it off well so i have already told her I really want to kiss her.
      Well I got to her house i sat down and I barely started talking when she grabbed me and said " So let me have this kiss you've been talking about" and just kissed me.
      1) It was extreamly hot that she made the first move.
      2) I just came out of a 25 yr marriage in January. So this is the first NEW woman I have kissed in a quarter of a century. I was so terrified. but I didn't have time to make things awkward. I calmed down and was so at east the rest of the night. Which ended up being an hour and a half make out session which I got some boob action. That was very awkward to be looking at a new pair for the first time in so long. but they were yummy...

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  • Chances are she's straight so ask her if she likes girls. Not many do and you don't want to just kiss anyone right off the bat.

    • girls like boys not other girls. maybe join your gay lesbian straight alliance at school we have one but only 5 people are in it out of 2000 kids at my high school.

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  • is she bi or les..cause that might be weird if she's not

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