I need really creative prom ideas!?

So I found out yesterday that the girl I like wants me to ask her to prom, but in a creative way. My idea is since she plays lacrosse I was going to spell out prom with lacrosse balls. But that's my idea. Any good ideas?

I asked she said yes!!


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  • Something more romantic would make it seem nicer. The aim is the same anyway but you just gotta find out what she likes and what she doesn't. For example, does she like music? If you play the guitar you can write a song about her and all the things you like about her and eventually ask her to prom. You can use the lacrosse thing that she likes and maybe take her our on a date and at the end of a date hand her a ball saying PROM? There are many things you can do that could be original i just don't know what she really likes and what kind of person she is. For all i know you could print a tshirt with her name on it asking her to prom, but if she isn't the fun kind of person who'd take this joke then you shouldn't do it. Y'know what i mean? :)

    • You asked her? What did you do?

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    • You spelled prom with lots of lacrosse balls or just took her to a date and gave her a lacrosse ball with prom? on it? Either way its just cute that you gave thought to this and i'm happy that u succeeded in this. Its really sweet of u !

    • I spelled it really big on the field and had her walk down by herself. When we hugged everyone was cheering lol thanks by the way !

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  • I once saw on a movie a guy asking a girl to choose between the "no" rock which was actually a boulder about 100lbs or the "yes" rock which was a small stone. Unoriginal if she has seen the movie but it was cute!


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