Can she date me even if I'm the outcast in our class?

When I was 17 I got into a pretty bad car accident and shattered my foot, recovering took me almost a year so at 18 I'm only a Senior and not in the same class as my friends, they've all graduated.

I'm kinda getting bullied in school, which is pretty embarassing since I'm older, especially by not being invited to anything that goes on.

One girl though really is nice to me , we get along great and she helped me find back into the school life and we're both adamand we'd like to date but by dating me she would exclude herself from pretty much all the events from our school.

I'm torn, should I date her even if it will be hard for her or just let her go?


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  • At the end of the day, as much as you care about how it will effect her, it's her choice to be with you and if she's already said she wants to be with you then she obviously wants to be with you and doesn't care about the consequences so there's nothing stopping your happiness. Although you're getting bullied now, which sucks i'm sorry about that, there's no way of knowing that she too will face it if she dates you.

    As it stands you two like each other so date! there's no point being miserable all your life and wondering what if! Be happy and be happy with her, take the leap and go on some dates :)
    Good luck!


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  • If she really does care about you, status shouldn't matter about attendance at events. That's the way you know a love is real; if a person can let go of themselves a bit for you, then it's real. It's up to you two on whether you want to try it. You have to work together and be strong through it, but I think you should go for it.

  • That relationship would be between you and her, no one else.If she's what you want treat her right, though.No,"It's what's best for you". It's her decision to be with you so don't push her away if problems with others arise.

  • If she wants to. there's nothing wrong with it and you really shouldn't care what others think.


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