Guys what do your long kisses on the cheek mean?

Need some opinions- say its dark you are siting in your truck with a upset, but funny girl. You held her hand all the way home and listen to her talk about how her life is over lol. She puts her other hand on your arm that's holding her hand and she tells you she is so sorry for dragging you into her mess.
You go to hug and you end up kissing her face like front cheek by her eye. I'm talking long kiss not a quick peck and hug thing. She is somewhat surprised and turns her head a little thinking she'd return the favor. Ends up with a weird half of you lips, but you kiss back...
Nothing is really said about it. She leaves end of story?
He's a very sweet guy maybe just reading too much into it. (My ex though )


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  • I have no clue but if women are emotionally confused it isn't exactly the gentleman thing to do to jump to sexual actions. So maybe he just wanted you to feel better and do the right thing?

  • Sounds like a nice guy who just wanted to comfort you. Also sounds like you might still like him? :)


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