Just met a girl online that I really like, I am scared I will get too close too fast, what can I do?

We've talked for about a month online and met just a few days ago. The date went really well and now I like her a lot. I'm scared that I will scare her off. The thing is I date other girls too, and she knows that I do. She's never had a boyfriend and I want to be her first. How do I proceed without scaring her off? She JUST turned 18, still in high school. Definitely hot and popular, but she likes older guys, like me. I am 24.


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  • Follow out a date ONCE PER WEEK. Until she starts reaching for you!
    Don't text her/call her within the ''cooling period'', let her persue you (text/call you) and you make definite plans/date to her instantly.

    It's simple. you wanna make things mysterious until you both meet together! And everytime she would be very excited and anticipated to see you.


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  • Umm she could be a catfish so talk to more than one girl so you won't get attached

    • What is a catfish? And I am dating other girls at the moment.

    • Catfish, someone who is lying about who they are

    • What would she lie about? She didn't say she was popular I am just assuming because she is really hot. Lets assume she isn't lying about anything, and that I AM dating other girls, still worried about getting too close to her and scaring her off. I am not scared of getting hurt, just of losing her.

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