is it safe/okay to be with him?

my new bf is going through some stuff with his ex. she's trying to put him in jail cuz she's a mad ex gf. and she's saying she might be pregnant, at 3 wks. we all have a close bond except her and him. we've been together now for 3 days, so far pretty good. should i worry about anything between us, like me losing him already? the Jail case isn't going anywhere...


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  • YES it is to soon. He is going through a lot with his EX girlfriend and might be pregnant why would you want to be in all that drama. I would step back for a bit and tell him that you have to work things out with you EX first because right now he can't give you his full heart but its still broken from his EX. You dont want to be the rebound chick do you?


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