What do guys define as curvy, fat and thick girls? And what is preferable?

Im a recovering anorexic and always hear my guy friends saying no fat chicks. Its hard to tell if I fall into that category, and its not like they are going to tell me to my face. I weigh more than I look like I do because I do cross fit and athletic stuff, but its just hard to tell if I am considered a fat chick because Im no longer skin and bones. Thanks!


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  • Curvey is nice. I see curvey as a little meat on her bones with out being chubby. That makes her have curves in the right places. If that is you in your avatar, you are HOT! Don't worry, you got it going on. Just pick which guy you want and go get him, he doesn't have a chance ;)

    • thanks you're sweet, its just tough to define :)

    • I agree, it kinda is tough to define in words but if I seen a girl that I thought was in the 'curvy' category, I could pick her out easily. From what I can see of you, I don't think I would say you are in the curvy category, more like just a little thinner than curvy. I like girls from curvy to a little thinner, like you. Very cute :)

    • hey thanks for MH gorgeous :)

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