Went on a first date and a week later completely ignored.?

I met this girl at a casino and we hung out for a while and ended up back in my hotel room. We talked via text and asked her out on a date. She agreed and had our date which seemed like it went well. I stayed at her place that night. Sent her flowers a couple of days later saying I had a good time and wanted to see her again. Texted with her that week then that weekend was totally cut off. I've tried texting her once since then and have not heard back. Should I let it go?

I did not text her all day. Only once or twice a day because I didn't want to be seen as clingy. She doesn't like talking on the phone (asked her that flat out).


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  • If she's up for one night stands and having sex with someone she barely even met , ( I'm assuming you had sex cus what else would you do in each other's rooms? What's Barney? ) , she sounds like a... Not very classy girl. She obviously doesn't want anything serious. You sending her flowers and starting to get more serious probably threw her off. She just wants sex. She obviously isn't interested in you. Sorry :/


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