Women...does this really work?

A few girls have told me this and I wanted to get you ladies opinion on this. If I completely or somewhat ignore this girl I'm dating will this get them to think about me more? I don't like playing games and to be honesty with you, I was never very good at it. I really don't want to do this but every other girl that I've dated has taken me for a ride and has broken me down to a pile of mush. I don't want this relationship to become like the rest. I am really starting to fall for this girl and I don't want to compare her to the others I've dated but a lot of the same traits are starting to show from her.

See I suffer from the nice guy finish last syndrome and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of being played, used, and treated like sh*t. Like I said, I don't like playing games but I need help in order to not have this one use me like the rest of them have.


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  • I hate games and I don't play them. You have to find what works for you. If you need to do all of that to get her attention, is she really worth it? If the attraction and interest are mutual, shouldn't two people want to be together without false complications?


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  • I wouldn't

    Because she might get tired of the games and just let go of you

    or think you're not interested anymore and give up on you

    You can royally screw yourself over by that.

    Some guys do it as a risk

    I don't think it's worth it

  • It would make me think of him more but it would also backfire and lower my opinion of him because I'd think he's another mind game player like a lot of other guys I've dated. So my curiousity would be piqued, but I would pull away from him and keep my options open. If you have to play games then she is not the right girl. I can relate to how you feel because I feel like a nice girl and I keep running into assholes and game players. What if this girl likes you because you are not like the rest of them, and then you go play games "proving" that you are?

  • It's not the game, it's the player. Choose the right girl so you don't have to play any kind of games. There should always be balance in relationship. Don't start something that you're not. Btw, treated and used in what way? Can you give examples?


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  • That technique tends to work.

    But it also tends to attract girls who will play lots of other headgames once they're in the relationship. Birds of a feather.

    And the true reason that you're " tired of being played, used, and treated like sh*t" is that several studies have established that women are *far* more likely to commit emotionally abusive behaviors towards men than the other way around.


    Those "headgames" are mostly emotional abuse, plain and simple. But women do it with a cute smile and we start thinking with our d!cks. Women mix enough honey with the vinegar to confuse us and keep us coming back for more abuse.

    I'm firmly convinced that very, very few women are worth dating. I'd much rather be single than tolerate the skull-screwing most women do for sport.

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