Is it always a sign of disinterest in a guy if a girl mentions other guys during a conversation?

Is it always a sign of disinterest in a guy if a girl mentions other guys during a conversation?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • She may have just been trying to test your reaction of her mentioning another guy. We sometimes do it with out even realizing it. or she could be trying to dodge your attraction. it could go either way, it's confusing I know. Also women do love to make the guy they're interested in jealous by mentioning other guys, which in my mind is a big No No. Kind of goes hand in hand with the testing your reaction. how you respond when she brings up other guys, is also a big factor. do you remain quieter do you fly off the panhandle and start saying how she's to good for the other guys, and so on and so forth. Hope this helps!

    • She mentions few guys. How should the guy behave when she says that if he wants to have a chance with her?

    • hmm.. first and foremost be yourself, as "cliche'" as that sounds I can't stress it enough. It's tricky to discern how to react if she brings them up. you could either act disinterested and she still comes after you, thats most likely a sign that she's trying to get a rise out of you and make you jealous because she likes you, but you could also say ,"hey let's grab coffee". and totally change the subject and pay no heed to her comments about the other guys.

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What Girls Said 2

  • could be trying to make jealous? i think some girls do that.
    but sometimes i find myself mentioning other guys when theyre mutual friends and they did something hilarious that i wanted to share with him.
    but if a girl started talking about how sweet a guy is, id say she isn't interested. it really depends on what she said.

    • She didn't mention anything emotional, e.g. this guy is sweet, sexy, attractive. She didn't even say it was hilarious or anything. She just mentioned them because it was kinda related to what she did. Example: I (=she) drove by bike yesterday from here to there and I was so tired. Then I thought of Bob who had to drive even further. (Bob is a mutual friend and is engaged with another woman by the way)

    • didn't sound like she was disinterested :/ she just felt bad for bob. i would too if someone travels twice as much and didn't complain one bit lol

  • Based on what she's said I think she's just making conversation by discussing someone you both know. It has nothing to do with her level of interest in you.


What Guys Said 1

  • depends on the maturity (possessiveness) of that guy,
    also depends how frequently she mentions, and in what way.
    but if she mentions one guy only, or talk about him more then its different story..

    • She mentions several guys. She didn't mention him specifically, i.e. his personality, but what he does, i.e. his work.