Give me advice on texting with these girls on whatsapp.?

i exchanged numbers with some girls from an online dating website, in order to chat on whatsapp, and this is what happened:

girl #1: the first time we chatted everything was going well, meaning she was interested in talking, the 2nd time she replied late and it was my bed time, so we arranged to talk earlier next time. and the third time i sent her a text but she replied that she was busy at that moment & she'll talk when she finishes and since then she havn't talked, (around a week ago).

girl #2: we chatted once and while cahtting i sent her a text, but she replied half an hour later without prior notice; like (brb..)

girl #3: she showed interest on the dating site, so i agreed to exchange numbers and the first time we chatted things were going good, until she didn't reply to my message also without prior notice..

so my question is should i try again with these girls?
or is it a sign that they're not interested?
will i seem desperate if i tried again?

ur opinions are appreciated :)


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  • Oh goodness - texting. I suck at it myself...

    Honestly, I would try once more for all 3 or whoever you preferred. Like, "Hey, haven't heard from you in some time. Everything okay?" Or like that... depending how long it has been since you texted.
    (Or mention something from a previous conversation... something like that.)

    If a girl is interested, I think you will know. Grant you, sometimes getting a late response could be because she was freaking out on what to say and just didn't know how to word her response - I know it's like that with me.
    One time I got a text from my crush which I totally didn't expect at all (long story) and I had NO idea how to respond to him. Took me quite awhile to respond - had to really think.

    Or the girl could be busy with stuff.

    I don't think the above would sound desperate - you are only desperate when you constantly bug someone like, "How come you aren't answering?" or "OMG, ARE YOU DEAD?" that kind of thing.
    Asking someone if everything's okay since the last time you spoke is, in my opinion, not desperate at all.

    • thanks for your opinion..
      but what if they didn't respond, or responded after some time? should try more or stop?
      you know what bugs me is that i don't see a rational reason for them doing this with me?

    • I wouldn't really try again, especially in the same day. If they don't respond, they just don't. Honestly, I really don't know what to say.

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