sorry. if this is repeat. But I need insight.?

Back in the dating game! Whoo hoo!! Anyway, met this guy and yes we hooked up, totally sober evening, and texted me the next day asking me if I wanted to hang on his day off... which I don't know when that is..BUT anyway, I haven't heard from him. it's been 3 days...and he said he had to work for a few days... I told him sure just get a hold of me or whatever. Do I just chill? or text him to see what he's up to? cause I'm actually available to hang out!


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  • Well did you text him back when he first texted you?

    • oh yeah.. to tell him I'm down to hang and to get a hold of me. I guess I answered my own question, perhaps? haha

    • Give it a few more days. I wouldn't worry much about it right now. If he doesn't text you back after 7 days or so (knowing that you want to do something), then he's the one with problem anyway.

    • ok. yea. Makes perfect sense :) Thank you!

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