My friends think I'm weird because I haven't dated nor had a boyfriend since the breakup?

Before my ex I used to be the “life of the party" always had someone to date and was flirted with. You basically couldn't see me at an event without a boyfriend. When I met “John” (not revealing his name) I settled down and we were together for a year and a half. It's been two years since the break up and I haven't had a boyfriend since. I haven't dated because I'm not ready. I just don't find a lot of guys attractive anymore just too immature. I don't want to date a guy and still find myself comparing him to someone else. My friends force me to go on blind dates, parties, when we are in the store and they see a cute guy, etc. Is this healthy? I'm 21 turning 22 in a couple of months.


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  • Don't worry what your friends think of you. Be more concerned of what you think about yourself because you're the one that you have to live with 24/7! I think it's your friends that are weird for not seeing and understanding why you've chosen not to date right now because they should respect your decision. They're probably envious because you seem to have found contentment in life with just living with yourself for the time being, they don't have. Never let anyone force you to do anything be it going on dates especially blind ones or going parties, etc. That's what isn't healthy... having to be out with a guy because some other people lined you up with him. It's hard telling what kind of a guy you'd end up being with some night. You're ok... just fine now to find a lot of guys attractive anymore or just too immature. It's because you've grown more mature and have a good sense of value and character now as compared to before. It's like you've grown up in a good way. Keep that and tell these friends that you'll start dating again when you're ready. If you absolutely must have a partner to go to some event with them, let it be you that makes that choice be it a girl or boy. Sounds like your ex was a pretty cool boyfriend that you're not over with yet. Good luck!


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  • Well why don't you talk to guys surely you had to have a crush on some guy since your breakup?


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