Is it on me? how to make him want me again because i want him now?

He has always pursed me in the past and told me he has always liked. he mentioned that his plan is to marry me and brought up marrying me again jokingly being like marry me if were both single in 5 years. and then said it was on me if we were to work it out. I guess never really realized how bad I wanted him/ liked him until now after he moved away. I did hook up with him but never really talked about my feelings for him because I didn't what I wanted. Now I do realize I do like him a lot but didn't get to tell him. I did reject him in the past and we have stayed friends. Im not interested in anyone else and haven't really been with anyone else since i last saw him Christmas break. Im scared to tell him how i feel because i dont know where we stand or if he will give me another chance. If I tell him how I feel and have a heart to heart will he want me back? we haven't talked at all since i saw him Christmas except for me drunk texting him. How to I get him back and get him to feel for me again and talk to me?


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  • You probably lost your chance, I would just say how you feel. Don't get too down if he has moved on.


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