Girls...any tips / advice?

Went on a date last night...went very well, went to 3 bars and had lite food in the 2nd which was very romantic... was out from 8 - 11.30! Finished off with a kiss in the car for 10mins when I dropped her off home! She's a lovely girl and I can definitely see her as girlfriend material. Try not to get carried away tho! As she's the one I like the most out of a few I have dated recently...

Not sure how to play it sometimes as I don't want to come across too strong, but I'm keen to take her out next week. She also lives about 10 mins from my house...

Should I leave a few days before contact? Text or call now?

Well...i did text her on Friday saying had a lovely evening with her. Had a hectic day at work but good was her day? did you get your car everything ok now?

Did get a reply back...then I seen her out on sat she was out with the girls! Said hello gave her a kiss then she come and spoke to me later asking where I was going what I been up to. She didn't mention why she didn't reply.
Gonna call her tonight rather then text and ask her out if not will leave a vmail and leave it with her...
Shall I text her asking you free later...I'll give you a call if that's cool? or shall I just call direct and if no answer leave a vmail?


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  • Text her or call her to tell her that you had a good time. Let her know that you would like to do it again sometime. A day or two later have a plan of what you would like to do and ask her to join you.

    The best approach is to be honest with her. Let her know that you like her and enjoy spending time with her. And then make plans to spend more time together.

    But don't wait too long. For some reason, some women are so self conscious that they over analyze a situation to death because a guy hasn't called or text within a 24 hour period.


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  • I completely agree with all the feedback below. I actually went on a wonderful date Thursday night and I haven't heard from him yet--- it's really hard. I do start to wonder if I did something wrong and if he's blowing me off even though he said he had a great time. In my honest opinion, call her to tell her you had a great time (don't text) and say you'd like to see if she might be free next week. If she gives you a day, say "great, I'll call you in a few days to talk about plans." She'll love it that you called, it gave her something to look forward to, and you're planning :) Women LOVE that!

    Best of luck and have a lot of fun

  • Skip the text. Leave a voicemail. If she doesn't respond, then let it go.

  • Do it now. (It's already been about 7 months in "girl years"!) If she's into you, she won't be put off if you call. Waiting will just make her second-guess everything that happened and if it went as well as she thinks it did.

  • This is what most guys do: after a great date, they wait to call, and the girl fears she did something wrong. Text/call later on today, not necessarily to make more plans, but to let her know you were thinking about her and had a good time. Maybe she's hoping you will.


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  • call her
    how old are you...
    stop playing games over text messages.

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