Did he just say that as an excuse, not to text ?

i text this guy and in about 8 hours he replied back saying how I was and that he won't reply because he does not have much credit that I should not be sad, he will try and get money tomorrow, so I texted him the next day hoping he had money to text again but he didn't text back at all is he just being polite in saying I don't want to text you


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  • Yea, I can only send what...300 texts a month? So yes it sounds like a viable excuse. Some, like myself, aren't used to texting and don't like texting all that much. I don't think it the end all, be all of communication like some do.

  • Sounds like he doesn't have a text plan. I don't know, this could all be avoided by simply calling him or his house phone. If hes' short on money, ask him to communicate in another cheaper form. If he's still coming up with excuses, yep, he isn't interested.

    • Its vodaphone I'm tmobile also his up north, I don't have his house phone just his mobile

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