Did you pass or fail? How so?

Ok everyone, here's an interesting one: what exactly is the definition of a sh*t test? Why do girls throw sh*t tests at possible suitors? Do guys throw sh*t tests? Does the girl have to feel secure in her appearance to throw a sh*t test? What are examples of sh*t tests that have been thrown at you personally? Did you pass or fail? How so? Any further comments on this matter would help shed light on this issue.


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  • It's a test that a girl will give you to see how strong your "frame" is. Often it's because she's testing to see if you're the real deal or a poser. Can sometimes be triggered because of a incongruence in what you're saying and how you're acting.

    If she's testing you then it's a good thing. She's interested. Otherwise she wouldn't even bother. I've found that confident girls will test you a lot more.

    I've failed heaps of times but after a while you get a feel for them. If you pass, then she's going to feel more attracted to you because you didn't crumble. Examples I've personally had:
    "You're an asshole" ( "Yep *smirk" )
    "You've read the game haven't you" ("Yeah. You have too?! Wow, you just got a whole lot more interesting.")
    "Are you one of those really nerdy guys who spends all day at the computer?" ( "Absolutely. I live in a darkened room with only the glow of computer screens, plotting for world domination. You know what, you look like you have a mischievious side to you so you can be my sidekick. *begin roleplay*" )
    "You're a player aren't you?" ("Yep, you're the 34th girl I've approached today.")
    "I have a boyfriend (when she probably doesn't)" ("Oh no, we don't need him." or "Great, he can light the candles")

    The times I've failed after basically where I tried to damage control and respond logically. Sometimes you mess up and a tease might come off wrong and they look at you offended. Do not fold and just keep the conversation going. Never profusely apologize like "Oh, I didn't mean that, I'm soooo sorry sorry sorry". For the tests, reframe or agree with it and take it somewhere you want to go. If you can't think of anything, smile, don't react and move on. That's the key - never react.

    Generally I test girls in a different manner. Sometimes it'll be similar like I might act mockingly offended. There was a recent one where I was busting on a girl (She was good at this hehe):
    Her: "Hrm, I'm not liking my drink too much. Want some?"
    Me: "Oh, so you only offer it to me because you don't want it? How flattering"
    Her: "Yeah, I wouldn't have offered it to you if I was enjoying it *smirk*"
    She didn't react so she kept an edge here.

    Other ways for guys to test would be qualification. Too often guys think it's about trying to "win her over" whereas I try to think of her being the one who needs to convince me.
    Me: "Hrm. Can you cook? What can you cook?...hrm, not bad but I've never really been a fan of spanish food"
    Me: "Where do you live? ... Oh no that's way too far away from me. This could never work out *smirk*"

    • Great answer, great examples, thanks. I feel like this issue is much more relevant than people assume, I wish more people would give feedback. I've been through it myself, twice, I would get very offended oblivious to what was actually happening.

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  • I totally agree with you there I find them silly to none the lease, I've nether done it myself but I've had blokes doing test on me and then sometimes even telling me later that, that was a test how stupid I just can't believe people that do this it's like there doing test's to see if they will fit in their idea of a long term companion I mean come people wake up. love is the key if your both not in love with each other then just say goodbye test's will do nothing but maybe a good match but that's a relationship without love because if you loved them you wouldn't be wanting to put them through your stupid test's.


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