How do you feel about dating someone in the military?

I met this girl about two months ago and we just started hanging out, like every day. She is really awesome. The problem is that I leave in like two weeks to go to a different state so I can visit my parents before going into boot camp. I haven't seen my parents in like a year so I definitely want to go see them before I join the navy. This girl and I really like each other and I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes and everything. Even tho I leave soon for like two months. And then I come back in time for boot camp which is another two months of being away. She said she really likes me but isn't exactly sure how the long distance is going to work but that she is "definitely going to try because she really wants to be with me." You think we could possibly have a future together? How is it dating a guy in the military ladies? Confused on what to do!


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  • I've been in your situation. Can I just say that your life is about to take off and it goes fast. I've seen troops who have been in dedicated relationships for years fail because distance is a factor and their priorities change. I think both of you need to be realistic. To be honest I think she has said it in the nicest way possible by saying that she likes you, but isn't sure about the long distance thing. Long distance relationships are already hard. Add in the fact that now you're about to be in the military, and that's a whole new subject. Good luck to you in your relationship situation and good luck to you in your military career.

    • Thanks man, I appreciate your answer. I feel like the best thing for me to do right now is just be single and focus on my career, yet I don't want to just break up with her. Coming from you, a military guy with experience I presume, you think I should just try to focus on my career? And is it really hard to find a girl when already in the military?

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  • I'm going through something similar actually, so I think I can understand the female perspective.

    Trust is definitely necessary in this sort of situation. You have to trust that this girl will remain faithful to you and that your bond is strong enough to withstand a lengthy separation.

    -Do you believe that you two would still be together during this time if you weren't going through the military situation?

    -Can you honestly say that you both care for each other enough to deal with the mental and physical exhaustion the separation will bring, or should you admit that maybe two months wasn't a long enough time to get to know her on that level?

    -How would you feel if while you were away you two separated?

    ^^^^^^^^These are all things that you need to ask your self in order to determine weather it's worth trying things out.

    Please let me know how things go :]

    • I am going through the exact situation only the guy and I just started dating, and we're gonna see where it goes at the end of the summer. But he's leaving the region to visit his dad and stepmom then leaving for the military after that. You have to look at the level of connection you feel with her. Do you love her? and How positive of an impact has she made on your life. I think you should at least try. Even if things don't work out in the end, at least you'll never wonder what could have been

  • If you both want to stick together while you're gone, I'm sure you two can make it work. I'm in kind of the same situation as your girlfriend is. My boyfriend is going to a military prep school before he goes to the USAFA. We're going to try the whole long distance thing this next year (he'll be back in CO after that). We both really want to be together and I really think that it will work. I have faith in you and your girlfriend that you two can stay together while your gone. Good Luck!

  • Date her, write to her when you are gone. and make sure you think of her and let her know you are. as long as you are coming back to her it should be all good


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