Weird? A lil' guy advice is needed .

Kay, soooo my boyfriend usually calls / texts me multiple times a day, just to talk to me & I like it a lot . But, he hasn't made any contact with me all weekend. Now, I don't want to seem paranoid or needy, but I do want to talk to him! What can I say / text to see why he's not talking to me? I'm just a little worried, please, help . . . :[


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  • Are you sh*tting me?

    It's a good thing that you don't want to seem paranoid or needy, but it's a bad thing that you actually _are_ being paranoid and needy.

    Men like to feel like Men sometimes. That means we like to go off on our own for a little while and answer to no one. We do our own thing, raise hell, get into trouble, or maybe just do something completely nerdy that we don't feel like telling everyone about.

    Don't text or call him. Whenever he sorts out whatever he's doing, he'll call. He hasn't forgotten about you so just relax. Consider it an opprotunity to enjoy yourself for a bit. Watch a chickflick, eat some chocolate, watch some youtube videos of your favorite pop singers or whatever, and then take a nice hot bath and go to bed. It'll all be better later on when he has a perfectly reasonable explaination for the loss of contact for a 48 hours or so.

    • Lol, I guess you're not one for sensitivity, are you? Thanks for the honesty :]

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  • maybe something is going on and he can't talk to you. text him and say something like hey baby :) what's going on? or hey where have you been? I missed you babe.

    • Yeah, this one is pretty good

    • I think this is a way of him saying I need some guy time. it's good that you two call and text eachother, but calling several times a day seems a bit much. He needs to be with friends and so do you. This would have been a good weekend to get your friends together and enjoy a night out together. Also, is he the only one who calls? If he's the one always calling you, maybe he's confused to why you aren't calling him sometimes. So if that's the case maybe you could send him the text & ask what's up