Is asking a question bad??

i asked my boyfriend if he would ever cheat on me. first...give you a little background...we almost broke up about a month ago because we got in a HUGE fight. its been 2 1/2 years since we started dating and neither one of us has ever cheat.his word vs mine.

a few nights ago, we were sitting on the couch and he was texting this girl we both know about a game she was trying to play. then he asked her a question about the game and when she answered, he replied thanks babe. I said something and he said it wasn't anything and didn't matter. he just said it.

then today, he came into the room from being at the gym and was on his phone. he threw his phone on the bed (right next to me) and went to the bathroom. I picked his phone up to move it and saw the last text come from the same girl and it said "OK love :)" about an hour ago I asked him if he would cheat on me and he got anger said no and wtf I was doing asking that kind of question. so I told him. I was curious because I didn't know and after texts like that I just wanted to ask. I didn't think it was a big deal. then he said I obviously assume he would or he is.

i told him if I did assume, I would have asked ARE you cheating on me not WOULD you. he started being a jerk so I stopped talking and walked out of the room.

question it bad to ask those kinds of questions? am I suppose to apologize for it? I don't think I did anything wrong and he had no right to act that way if there was nothing going my opinion. I just hate being upset and him and know he is upset with me.


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  • No it's not, and right now you SHOULD feel suspicious, if he wasn't cheating on you then he would be talking to you with respect and comfort, but that reaction makes me say BS. Something is up.


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  • yeh you better check closely..if I were you id really say are you cheating on me?why is this girl calling you babe and love? I know my friends call me babe but not love lol and won't tolerate them calling me that either.

    it is right to communicate and say how you really if you are suspecious,then tell him I really feel like you have something going on with this girl and you don't have to get mad that's just how I feel.and if he's not doing anything wrong,he'l def say she's just a close friend and that you don't have to worry about nothing,then he might try to hug you and kiss you and say I love you,your the best of all,something like that to take the worries away from you,NOT angry lol. if this girl is calling him that way,that means she think they're that close and def like him and lets say he just think its normal and no biggie but he might of corz like her back behind your back.

    open communication is good.try and talk with him about it and the whole feelings you have...try to make the conversation calm and peaceful with the low you can tell what's the real reaction.cuz sometimes if you strike him with angry tunes or gestures he'd be the you would just waste ur time nothings going to be clear,it will end up fighting about other stuff and takes you away from the main point.