How can I just not care so much about someone or not give in to their mind games?

ok so I hung out with a guy and we ended up hanging out and also going all the way. I figured I blew it with this guy because you never go on the way on the first time hanging out. so anyways I was surprised when he kept on talking to me and wanted to hang out with me more and actually made me "think" that he wanted something more that just a fling or actually friendship. Well we hung out a second time and now he is not talking to me and is barely making contact with me. I'm all torn up inside and feel like a fool. How can I next time not care as much about the words they say to me and not make it out to be something else? how can I just relax and not let it hurt me.


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  • do things to keep your mind off it.

    hang out with friends, watch a movie, go to a concert, etc.

    also definitely talk to others about it

    it is great therapy

    don't let guys just spit game to you

    if you say no to sex on the first date and he gets mad and doesn't talk to you again I would say F it

    you are a gorgeous girl

    i'm sure you have some great things going for it

    sorry this happened to you


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  • Next time you should reverse the sexual intimicy and getting to know the guy. You should get to know the guy and then maybe go all the way after knowing that he's not just in it for some ass. Guys might take it the wrong way and think that your just easy even if your not. Next time. He's a jerk..